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In 1990, driven by increasing market demands, FM FILTER MONZA was born. The prevailing sector was automotive, so we decided to produce and distribute filters for car engines and commercial vehicles,

With the passing of time, new markets opened up in industrial filtration, favoring an expansion into markets that had been unexplored until then.

Today we are a consolidated reality in industrial filtration, we supply first equipment for motorcycles, for gas feeding, in compressors and vacuum pump lines,

the spare parts market solicits supplies from all over Europe and other parts of the world,

to meet the maintenance needs of industrial plants we use the best available technologies

we put all our attention to the product to satisfy the customer while respecting the environment, this is our compass !

Our added valueWHAT SETS US APART

Cutting-edge solutionswe know what you want

Technical expertisewe cake care of yourfilters

Knowledge of materialswe give you the best

Product reliabilitymaintenance savings

Supply planningtake care of something else

Realisation on drawingwe give you what you need

Finished stock products warehousean answer to your problems

Quality certificationsyou feel safe


We target original equipment manufacturers and aftermarket.

The main sectors concerned are:
motoring, plastics treatment from granulate to moulding, transport and recycling, purification of cabin air, civil and industrial air conditioning, transport and separation of materials, dedusting, vacuum lines and compressors, hydraulic systems, fluid transport lines and gas re-pumping, coalescence and oil mist separation.

The materials used vary according to requirements: filter papers, microfibres, simple polyesters or polyesters bonded with aluminium, Teflon, hydroscopic, oleophobic, nanofiltration, melt-blow, multilayer, sintered, activated carbon, molecular sieves, wire cloths.

Our customers are dynamic, organised companies looking for effective answers to their problems.

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